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Welcome to hand painted world of Yolanda Lorente. Yolanda’s hand painted silk creations are an embodiment of emotion, nature and experiences. Yolanda takes in the world around her and translates that onto the fabric that makes up her garments. Each piece is individually painted by hand which means that you are not only buying some fabulous fashion but also a piece of wearable art. Yolanda’s designs vary from daytime ensembles to black tie events. Whether you are the mother of the bride, the belle of the ball, the business leader, or the bold woman who shows off her unique individuality, Yolanda Lorente has something for you. Yolanda’s designs can be found at specialty boutiques throughout the country and at our own boutique on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile. Our fabrics and fashions are designed, hand painted and sewn together at our production facility in Chicago. We are made in the U.S.A and proud to keep jobs and creativity in America. Have fun browsing through the rest of our website.