The Yolanda Lorente Boutique is a unique women's fashion store, catering to residents and visitors of Chicago, IL.  We don't follow fashion trends, we help create them. Featuring creative styles and artwork from Designer Yolanda Lorente. We bring you the cutting edge and classical side of fashion, with the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

Get Inspired.  Be Creative.  Be Unique

With  One of a Kind

Hand Painted Silks


Hand-painted Silk Ensembles

Fabulous Artwork

 Featuring one of a kind artwork by Yolanda Lorente.   Her colorful & emotional pieces will bring new life to your home or office


Designer Fashions

We are your ultimate connection for trendsetting, classic, and unique fashions. Our collection is simply stunning.


Unique Accessories

Whether you like bold and flashy or minimalistic jewelry styles, you will find something perfect.  Don't forget to pick up a hand-painted silk scarf to brighten up any outfit or make a perfect gift!


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Day Time wear

Fabulous Jackets

Evening / Cocktail

Mother of the Bride

Plus sizes Available

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